Organising a Wedding Fair in Southsea

11 Jan 2014

Wow. What a year 2013 has been! I only started in this business in the summer and since then I have met some amazing people on the way, including other suppliers and clients. I don't know what it is about the wedding industry but it is full of creative and lovely people and its almost a community. We are all so passionate about what we do and that really does make all the difference.


I have always loved attending wedding fairs but some of the really good ones can cost hundreds just to get your foot in the door as a supplier, and the larger fairs have so many stalls that it is almost a maze. Brides and grooms don't know where to look! I have been to a few larger fairs and a few smaller fairs, and I don't know about you, but I definitely prefer the smaller fairs. They are intimate, the brides and grooms aren't swamped by choice, and best of all you have time at each stall to actually talk to the supplier. I really do think talking about your event with a supplier is key, because you don't know what they can offer until you tell them what you are looking for. It is a great opportunity to find out more about a supplier and also for us suppliers to try and accomodate to your needs. I have met a lot of brides that have walked past my stall a few times at a fair and I have caught them at the last minute to ask about their weddings and they have said they don't have enough money to hire a qualified photographer. But after talking to me and actually seeing my prices they changed their minds, and I am lucky enough to be shooting their wedding in the New Forest in July!

After a lot of searching through wedding fairs and wondering what ones to put my money into I had a bit of an epiphany and thought 'what is stopping me from organising my own?' So I have! The Live Laugh Love Wedding Fair.

I started with a lot of research and a lot of scribbling in notebooks about what the perfect fair would look like. And for me I had to include what was important and that was this:


  • Low Cost Stalls

  • Local Small Businesses

  • A Unique and Passionate Collection of Suppliers

  • Free Entry

  • An Intimate Wedding Fair

  • A Casual, Relaxing Atmosphere where Brides and Grooms can talk to Suppliers easily.


After deciding what was important I had to find a venue! I wanted somewhere, cosy, bright and airy and I found the most perfect place; St Swithuns Church Hall in Southsea (Just off Albert Road for those of you who know the area). It has large bright windows, white walls and wooden floors and almost looks like a gallery space, which is perfect because I really do believe that most of us in the Wedding Industry are Artists. We have crafts men and women doing Invitations, and Floristry is definitely an art as well as Photography and cake decoration. So this gallery-like space was just perfect.


I contacted local suppliers who I definitely wanted to attend the fair, and then I offered spaces to other suppliers. I only accepted applicants that I felt were talented and offered something different, beautiful and/or traditional, as long as the supplier was passionate about what they do and what they were offering was high quality. All together I have 15 stalls, which I believe is just the right amount to have a variety, but to also have enough time to appreciate each stall individually.

At the moment I am doing a lot of the advertising, which I am mainly doing on foot, putting posters up, contacting other suppliers and wedding shops, and getting other supplier to share the event on facebook. After this blog post I am actually off to put the big banner up outside of the church hall on Waverley Road!

If you are getting married, or if you are a supplier and would like to have a look around the fair and meet some more suppliers then please come along as we would all love to meet you.

The Live Laugh Love Wedding Fair
St Swithuns Church Hall
105 Waverley Road
(Goody bags for the first 30 guests)
Parking Via Collingwood Road.


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